Set Fire to Digital Media GmbH

Konstanzer Str. 57
10707 Berlin

Digital innovation & VR / AR consultancy & services

Specialist Sectors: Pharma / Healthcare, Automotive / TNCs, Gaming, China Markets

Dublin Ireland | Berlin Germany



Our team has both deep and broad experience in the digital innovation across a variety of industries. All founders are serial entrepreneurs with C-level backgrounds and a history of delivering results in both larger multinationals and startups alike.

We can support your team in areas such as driving digital transformation, designing and realizing new business models, leadership, management, and coaching, as well as the heavy-lifting work involved in developing, launching, and monetizing your next digital product or service.



We design and build virtual reality experiences and distribute to all major VR platforms. From 3D 360° virtual destination and event tours to immersive v-learning experiences, we can connect your organization to new and existing audiences through the medium of VR, offering a deeper and more engaging product and brand experience.

If you are looking for an innovative way to showcase your product, brand, or travel destination at your next event or conference, talk to us about VR event marketing.

We also do pro bono work for charities wishing to explore VR as a medium for raising awareness of their activities and training staff and volunteers.



At Setfire we have the knowledge and experience to get things done and ensure projects stay (or get) on track. Whether it’s agile (SCRUM) or waterfall, we bring the project management, development, and leadership skills to help where an initiative has become stuck as well as a deep understanding of how to manage associated business risks.

If you need help coordinating projects, are seeking experienced digital consultants, or support for your development team, please contact our Dublin or Berlin office.