ad modum GmbH

Karl-Marx-Str. 73
14482 Potsdam

ad modum develops cross-media design for companies, products and services. We focus on existing business strategies and positionings, modify them if necessary, and “translate” them into classical, digital or three-dimensional communication activities.

We tell stories – about your company, your product or service – and bring them to life in a “classical”, “digital” or “live” way.

Over the past 10 years, we have supervised a variety of projects this way: small projects, medium-sized companies and international corporations. For us it is not the size of the project that matters, but the “sex appeal”, the potential of the assignment, the opportunity to develop an exciting story, to tell and to implement it.

But to talk about tasks and projects is one thing, to realize them is something else entirely. Here are a few select references of our work.